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Texas Child Support Lawyer

Texas child support guidelines determine the amount of child support by factoring the cost of child care, each parent’s income and, most importantly, the best interests of the children. The courts can circumvent those guidelines, however, when circumstances dictate.

An experienced Texas child support lawyer can help to ensure that you understand your rights and can help make a fair determination of the appropriate child support. Contact our Houston, Texas law firm for a consultation and case evaluation.

At the Law Office of Robert C. Kuehm, we have more than 30 years of family law experience. It is our goal to ensure that our clients obtain the best child support result based on their particular situation.

After divorce, circumstances can change regarding custody, support, visitation and other issues. We can help with modifications to your prior order to more accurately coincide with your new circumstances.

If a parent fails to pay child support, or if a parent is being sued for enforcement of a prior order for child support, it is crucial that you know your rights. We have been successful in prosecuting and defending child support issues.

No matter what the circumstances, divorce is difficult. It is important that you seek experienced legal assistance to know your options for managing child support and to ensure that you receive that to which you are entitled.