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Texas Complex Property Division Lawyer

Whether your Texas divorce involves very little community property or the complex property division of multiple marital estates, an experienced lawyer can help resolve your legal matters surrounding the division of property.

A Houston, Texas, complex property division attorney, Robert C. Kuehm, P.C. can help you arrive at a just and right division of your marital estate and can clearly explain the rules regarding the division of property upon divorce. Contact us to discuss your unique situation and how we may be of assistance.

A valuation of assets is necessary whether you’re dividing up the personal residence, retirement benefits, debts, assets, business, vacation homes, or other property. Problems may arise in the characterization of property as community or separate property. Our firm will provide a thorough analysis of your estate to achieve your best result.

To resolve future property disputes, individuals with substantial estates might consider premarital and postmarital property agreements. They allow individuals to plan for and prevent complications in the event of a future divorce. Our firm can assist with postmarital and premarital agreements and with myriad other family law issues.

At The Law Office of Robert C. Kuehm, we handle all types of Texas divorce cases, from simple undisputed divorces to highly disputed cases that must resolve conflicts between multiple marital estates. Our Texas asset valuation attorney can inform you of the rules involved and assist you with complex property division and issues of Texas community property law, including economic contribution. Contact us today.