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Texas Modification Attorney
Custody ∙ Visitation ∙ Child Support

Life progresses and changes over the course of the years following divorce. People often have to return to court due to the changing needs of their children based upon time, age, access and support. Financial situations change and therefore warrant modification of all of those issues.

The Law Office of Robert C. Kuehm can help you modify your prior divorce order or prior arrangement to more accurately coincide with your new circumstances. Contact our experienced family law firm today to discuss your current situation, your legal rights and how we may be of assistance.

The court will modify orders for changes to support, custody and visitation only when a situation has changed dramatically enough to prove that the modification made would be in the best interest of the children. Not all parts of a divorce order are modifiable. We will discuss the criteria as well as the circumstances that the court will consider when a modification is requested. Together we will determine the best course of action to achieve your best result.

When you seek modification of your divorce agreement due to changing needs and circumstances, know that we have the knowledge and skill it takes to effectively resolve your legal situation.

After divorce, circumstances can change regarding child custody, child support, possession and access (visitation), and other issues. Contact our firm to discuss whether your substantial change in circumstances merits modification.