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Texas Paternity Lawyer

When a child is born out of wedlock, a skilled paternity lawyer can help to ensure that the legal rights of both parents are protected and that both are aware of their legal obligations.

At the Law Office of Robert C. Kuehm, we can set up DNA testing to establish parental rights. We also deal in the obligations that go along with that determination. We let parents know their rights as well as their obligations, including child custody, visitation and child support. With more than 30 years of family law experience, we continue to provide aggressive representation and attentive service to achieve each client’s best outcome. Contact us today. We are here to help.

Paternity suits can be complex, although the objective seems straightforward. It is important to have a paternity lawyer on your side who not only is knowledgeable in the area of fathers’ rights, but also is skilled in the handling of the many different and sensitive factors that may be at issue in a paternity case.

When a child is born to unmarried parents, Robert C. Kuehm, P.C. can provide experienced paternity services to establish the parental rights and obligations of the parents.

Whether you seek to establish paternity or you are being contacted by an individual or a governmental agency about the establishment of paternity, we can help. Contact the Law Office of Robert C. Kuehm today for confidential assistance.