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Texas Visitation Rights Attorney

Child possession and access, or your rights to visitation with your children following divorce, focus on the amount of time parents will spend with their children and how visitation will work. When parties cannot agree, the court makes a determination in the child’s best interest.

Visitation rights are your rights to parenting time. Visitation or access can become complicated when parents’ jobs and schedules conflict with the Texas Standard Possession Order that serves as the default. Per the default, children are to be with the noncustodial parent on first, third and fifth weekends. At the Law Office of Robert C. Kuehm, we tailor orders and make arrangements to suit each individual’s particular needs. Contact our Houston, Texas, office to learn more.

If you are unsure of what your visitation schedule is, Robert C. Kuehm, P.C. can help. We can also help to enforce a visitation schedule if you are being denied access to your children. After divorce, circumstances can change regarding custody, child support, possession and visitation with children, and other issues. We can help you modify your prior order to more accurately coincide with your new circumstances.

Grandparents’ rights are limited but there are times where they can be asserted. We have protected visitation rights in grandparent access cases.

With more than 30 years of aggressive representation and attentive service, our Houston family law firm can help to ensure that your visitation rights will be protected.